Welcome to Unleashed Energy LLC  where you can find out how to “unleash”  your pets’ energy and vitality through Bio-resonance energy work.

What is Bio-resonance?  Bio-resonance therapy abbreviated BRT is a form of alternative medicine that was developed in the late 1970’s.  This therapy is viewed as a way to restore the natural energy flow and balance of the cells in the body.  BRT naturally regulates a cell’s biochemistry and is drug free and non invasive.  The body is never exposed to any kind of harmful current with this technique. It can identify and treat symptoms as well as detect underlying causes of disease.

How does Bio-resonance work?  It works by detecting when cells within the body are not communicating with each other.  All cells emit their own energy/frequency and cells talk to each other through these frequency patterns.  If the body is healthy, the communication and energy flow freely.  Toxic substances in the body such as bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals will alter the body’s normal patterns so the body begins to adapt to the new patterns which will lead to illness or other disorders. Bio-resonance therapy activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms and immune system while it disrupts the offending substances causing the interference.  If cell communication is disrupted it can result in physical changes in an animal.  Low energy, loss of appetite, skin issues, fatigue, bowel changes, even cancers are the by-products of this miscommunication.

The BICOM technology and device send back healthy frequencies to the body with the help of soft electrode pads and a therapy mat. Proper signals are then returned to the body.  Low frequency patterns, which cause illness, can be transformed into therapeutically effective frequency patterns, bringing a return to vibrant health.  The Bicom provides a “needle-less” acupuncture treatment of sorts, as energy flow is directed through the meridians.

Bio resonance is pain free and a highly effective way to restore health and vitality without side effects.  Many animals are then able to maintain a state of health with an occasional tune-up session.

The number of sessions required depends on many factors.  Normally it takes between 3 and 6 sessions.  Check out Unleashed Energy LLC’s Facebook page for more pictures and testimonials!

This information does not replace traditional veterinary healthcare treatment for illness.

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